Ashley Madison Cheating Wives

Picture a lonely wife. She is unappreciated, misunderstood, and maybe even really horny. Luckily, she might have some courage to do something about it. Over the course of mankind’s resume with marriage, female adulterers were taking a giant chance by even considering an affair.

Along with their fierceness as leaders and confident women, they were documented to have insatiable libidos despite the pressures of their respective eras calling for them to be loyal to one man or even celibacy…strange times.

This article counts down the top 10 great cheating queens in history and it is written with the type of flair that would cause even the most faithful of real lonely housewives to shout “you go girl!”

So here we are, hundreds of years and thousands of brave feminists later. Dare we say, the idea of wives who cheat is now an act of empowerment in some circumstances? So, what are those circumstances? What is the origin story of married women who want to cheat?